U.A. Local 246 pipeliners consist of Rig Welders and Helpers. They work together to help each other and their teams to install and repair the natural gas distribution lines that run throughout California. We encourage you to visit www.ua.org/trades to learn more about being pipeliners and sign up at www.ua.org/join

Ready to start a career as a Pipeliner?

Unfortunately, we do not offer an apprenticeship program for rig welders or helpers at this time. However, a similar pathway would be pipe fitting/welding. Please visit our U.A. Local 246 Training Center’s website for more information on how to apply and what to expect in our apprenticeship program: www.ualocal246.com

Already have some work experience in Pipelining?

We are always looking to bring onboard hardworking and skilled workers. Please fill out Local 246 Membership Application and turn it in to our organizer, Jonhenry Lopez. He will reach out to you and discuss your options and pathways available based on your experience.